Weightlifting is an amazing sport or practice for both youth and adult. It’s a really fun way to stay in great shape while providing an opportunity to compete against others or simply against personal records. The regular results in skill and fitness are very motivating and fulfilling.  Coach, Freddie Myles is there to ensure your results are realized. Your training program will be custom tailored to you, updated weekly, and periodized every 6-8 weeks.Myles Ahead has produced multiple national champions, Pan American champions, American record holders, International team members and college scholarship athletes.


Freddie Myles has been dedicated to fitness and his clients since he started coaching in 1991. He is passionate about giving each client individual attention and crafting unique fitness programs. He treats his product as an art as well as a science. Above all it is a passion. His unique perspective and programming comes from a well rounded history: an enthusiastic Soccer and Track coach, a dedicated student of Fitness Methodology, an Honors Graduate of Exercise Biology from UC Davis, a caring Physical Therapy assistant at Avista Hosplital in Colorado, and dedicated student of Mel Siff and the 2003 coaches at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. In 2005 Freddie Myles returned to Sonoma County to open Myles Ahead Fitness in Rohnert Park. From here he as helped thousands to achieve a wide range of fitness goals. He has helped clients earn athletic scholarship by giving them and edge with specific qualities of fitness--speed, power and strength. Freddie created his Olympic Weightlifting team in 2006 and he has become a true master of this sport. He has numerous National Champions, International Level Lifters, American Record holders and a World Record Holder. Freddie has the highest certification awarded through USA Weightlifting. He is a USAW International Level Weightlifting coach. When you meet him, he might strike you as a mild mannered and soft spoken, but don't be fooled. Insipiration is part of the product. At Myles Ahead you will quickly find yourself doing things you never thought possible.