Personal Training with Niki Myles


Creating a realistic positive life change may be simpler than you think.

About Niki:

Niki Myles has always been interested in the strength of the human spirit and its inclination toward growth in all areas of life. The English Literature degree she earned from UC Davis in 2003 provided insight, but her heart has always been attached to working directly with individuals, to help draw this “best version of self” out through exercise.

Training History:

Niki began her training career when she and Freddie opened Myles Ahead Fitness in January 2005. She earned training certifications through the International Sports Science Association and USA Weightlifting and spent two years in Colorado learning from Mel Siff, a PHD in Exercise Science and author of Supertraining. She also spent many hours at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, learning the techniques of the Weightlifting Coaches onsite.  She loves the benefits of weightlifting and continues to practice and compete in the sport where she earned a gold in an international competition in 2007.  Niki has the ability to effectively train individuals of all levels of fitness, beginner-advanced. But she feels most valuable in working with those who have strayed from fitness for various reasons and are interested in creating a realistic, positive life change.

Training Style and Philosophy:

Minimalism and simplification are aims that define Niki as a trainer.  She will encourage goals nearing on perfection, but will aim to achieve this in the fewest steps possible.  Minimal effort for maximal result will always be the path. Of course, sometimes The longest way round is the shortest way home (CS Lewis).  It is the front end of a training program that is the most difficult and once a certain level of fitness is achieved, it is quite easy to maintain.