Myles Ahead is an original creation based on Freddie Myles’ passion to bring life changing fitness to individuals of all levels. Your program will be unique and designed according to your goals. You will work at your own pace, just as you would with a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer is the best way to achieve short and long-term fitness goals. At Myles Ahead, personalized training is made affordable. We operate in a group setting, so the cost is shared.

At Myles Ahead you will find a beautiful facility fully equipped for free-weight training, and at the height if this, Olympic Weightlifting. There is no other method of training that will provide you with a complete array of fitness qualities, most of which you simply cannot get anywhere else. Olympic weightlifting will ensure that you take your body through the movements your muscles and joints are meant to perform. Full range of motion is the goal and the practice. “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” is true. If you use it and are able to do so dynamically and with added weight, well, then you have something. Full body exercises that incorporate power and speed have been the only ones shown to results in healthier, leaner, biologically younger bodies. 

Your immediate results will show in your improved abilities: speed, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Every task of daily life will become easier; skill gains in sports, more effortless; and recreational activities, more enjoyable. As you progress into the program, your body will change and Freddie will update your program, reflecting new goals. You will become your own inspiration. You, doing things you never thought possible!