Group Instruction

Our program will get you in the best shape of your life, and you’ll have fun while working at your own pace. Each day you’ll have a different workout geared toward your goals. Each week your program will be updated so your very own physical fitness routine changes and progresses as you do.

You’ll receive full on-going exercise instruction and an individually tailored exercise program designed to meet your particular goals and needs

You pick your schedule
Because each training program is individualized all open class times are available to you. You choose how many days: 1, 2, 3, or 4. You pick mornings or evenings, or a combination of the two. We limit the numbers to keep the gym spacious and your equipment easily accessible.

You work at your own pace
Our perspective draws out the unique capabilities of performance in each person. You will find success in areas you never imagined. Certain aspects of fitness will be emphasized in your program depending on your desired goals. Your personalized exercise program will be realistically paced and written with you and your particular goals in mind.

You learn as you go
Myles Ahead forges a bond between coach and client. We offer an educational process enabling you to learn many things about fitness, the craft of your program, and the reasons behind certain exercises. You will draw motivation from your own quantifiable and predictable results.

Youth Program

Our Youth Weightlifting Team is a special program designed exclusively for ages 9-14. Here, we focus on teaching and perfecting our two competition lifts: The Snatch and The Clean and Jerk. Our coaches are passionate, nationally ranked, highly experienced and highly knowledgeable about the sport and the body. The program involves one to four days/week of technique work and assistance exercises that will help develop well-rounded, physically fit kids that are able to compete locally, regionally and even nationally. Our program is team-oriented and encourages interest and participation in the goals and achievements of others. Our athletes are disciplined, attentive and focused. They log their own weights, and they load their own bars.

This one to four days/week youth program can become a young athlete’s sole sport, or it can benefit and work around any other sport. Weightlifting is actually the choice form of strength training for most sports, but with two lifters from our region currently at the Olympic Training Center for the sport of Weightlifting, it’s a strong reminder that our young athletes have real Olympic potential if they happen to enjoy and focus on this wonderful, growing sport.

Last, but not least: All shapes and sizes are welcomed and appreciated. A true variety really benefits the team.

Private Instruction

Similar to the group training in programming, only you’ll receive one-on-one attention. Private Instruction is highly recommended if you would like to reach your technique-base goals quickly, with less total gym time.